3 Mythological Origin Stories About Fruit You Must Know


When you eat a fruit you never think about their origin. But fruits have a very interesting origin stories about themselves. For example, coconut is said to have originated from a severed head and apple was originally yellow coloured and cast  radiant golden glow across the sky during sunset.

Let us learn about other interesting mythological origin stories about fruits.


Origin of coconut dates back to the One Thousand and One Nights story of Sinbad the Sailor. Sindabad, during his fifth voyage bought and sold coconuts. There are a number of myths about coconuts. Coconuts are said to be grew from a severed human head, two eyes and a mouth. The myth says, a head was buried and sprouted into the first coconut tree.

According to an Arapesh myth, coconuts grew form a severed head of a man who killed a woman for walking ahead of her husband, The man was then killed and beheaded. Another myth from the Admiralty Islands tells coconut grew from a head, which was cut down by his own brother. According to myth, two brothers steal a canoe to go fishing. The owner of the canoe chases them, and he throw all the fish they caught into the water. With no fish left, the younger brother cuts his older brother into pieces and comes back. He left his head and buried under the sand. The head which was buried, sprouted into a coconut tree.


Apple is said to be a heavenly fruit. According to Greek mythology, apple trees were created by Gaia-the Earth and given to Hera as a wedding present. Myth says the first apples were golden and the apple tree was under the care of three minor goddesses (the Hesperides) and a hundred-headed dragon (Ladon). It’s a well-known of Hercules, where he steals the golden apples, killing dragon. Interestingly, golden apples kept in a garden in the West direction cast their radiant golden glow across the sky during sunset.


Strawberries are the fruit associated with the Norse goddess Friga.According to christian mythology, strawberries were the fruits of the Virgin. their radiant golden glow across the sky during sunset.

Strawberry were the fruit of fertility, love and virginity. Strawberry was favourite fruit of many gods and goddesses such as Venus, Aphrodite, Freja, and the Virgin Mary. But, it was Virgin Mary’s favourite fruit, so much that she wanted all strawberries be left for her. She made a rule that anyone who approached Heaven with traces of strawberry juice or fruit on them would be banished and denied entrance to heaven. Strawberry was a holy fruit.

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